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Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service

Commodity Intelligence LLP provides equity investment advice on developments in commodity markets to qualified institutional investors on a subscription basis.

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23rd October 2009

22nd Oct

21st Oct

20th Oct

19th Oct

23rd October News and Views

Chesapeake on NG outlook

Scientfic American touts 100% renewable energy solution

6 tcfs? is that all?

Anglo American changes management

Natural gas storage is full - and its impacting NSea Oil production

Pacific Rubiales update

Range resources cost estimates

Rising awareness of the Bakken

Copenhagen: Public scepticism rises

22nd October News and Views

There's a rumble in the jungle for gas

Projects back on the table

Freeport calls DRC's bluff on Tenge

BHP: Olympic dam accident costs $550m in lost production

Brazil and CVRD

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21st October News and Views

Oil Shale becomes a political pawn

Australian thermal coal prices contract bounces off lows

The Indian LPG Mess

Gold Mining is a contracting industry

BioGas project goes sour

Yara seeing rise in shipments

Iron Ore: Chinese buying lifts expectations

2 Chinese Steel plants postponed

European Gas Shales getting hotter by the minute now

Most read on WSJ this am

Baltic Exchange rallies

Bakken production rises above 330/- bpd

Eni looking at Tullow's Uganda operation

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20th October News and Views

Xstrata's Phillipine prospect burnishes the numbers

The Peak Oil Perspective 1

The Peak Oil Perspective 2

The Peak Oil Perspective 3

Solar: promises, promises

More rain tightening Sugar

Zhongchuan goes after Potash

Xstrata focusses on internal growth

The Peak Oil Perspective

China tweaks electricity prices to help Aluminium producers

Moydow Royalty on 3x cashflow? or less?

Chinese looking at Philippines

Brigham raising money

OGX steps up the pace offshore Brazil

Centrica looking at Bio-gas

COS says would be buyer of syncrude stakes

SBB Breaking News - Vale plans massive expansion of iron ore mine capacity

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19th October News and Views

Isreali firm claiming wavepower under $1m a mwh

BHP Norilske have 8m tonnes of coking coal in development

The marcellus shale

Gas whacks coal

Arab states in bizarre shortage of Gas

Brigham hits Bakken gusher 1

Brigham hits Bakken gusher 2

Brigham hits Bakken gusher 3

Jian increases bid to 80c for Canadian Royalties

Eagle Ford Shale is the latest land rush

More companies coming out of the woodwork in Europe shale gas

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