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Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service

Commodity Intelligence LLP provides equity investment advice on developments in commodity markets to qualified institutional investors on a subscription basis.

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6th November 2009

5th Nov

4th Nov

3rd Nov

2nd Nov

6th November News and Views

Petrohawk dives into the shale

Ecuador signs mining law

Brazil's environmental laws changing farming


5th November News and Views

Oil sands costs decline

Colossus opens data room

Source that bought us Ventana mentions Antioquia

Zim small claims threat

Commodities getting inflated...

Buffet and Tinkler both buy coal

BP steps up North Sea activity

The Mid Bossier in the Haynesville

Exxon-Shell quietly doing Iraqi contract

CEO of Yara confirms the big change in strategic cost position

Cairn fulfills contract, starts producing and selling crude from Mangala

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4th November News and Views

Argument on shale gas cranks up a notch

Meanwhile Yergin weighed in as an Op-Ed in WSJ

Spain's Bio gas potential

Another state steel company coming public

Wesizwe bosses sacked...

South African elites muttering nationalisation again

Leading Shale sceptic canned by World Oil

Gold soars on India purchases

Toreador now suggesting q2 for 3 pilots

LNG brings stranded or flared gas to market

RTZ selling coal assets in IPO

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3rd November News and Views

Russia, energy and the USA

Someone likes the Aggies!

Oil Sands projects move from weak to strong

Petrohawk swoops on Eagle Ford Acreage

Encana splits up

Cutthroat competion in chinese steel

Is Ukraine going to pay?

QE Ending? The Rumble in the Jungle

Rio assesses Iron Ore demand in cryptic manner

Pacific Rubiales doubling production

Foldeak gets gas, but not enough

Thai E&P company fire out of control

Nat gas collapses into winter on lack of storage

Chevron vs City of Richmond

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2nd November News and Views

Is that what the market is worrying about?

Marcellus economics- from the landowners perspective

Watch Gold Supply

Nigerian Independant to float on London

Ravensthorpe and Nickel

Denbury buys Encore..and alot of Bakken

Yamal LNG

Hindalco confirms issue

Indian Weather very dry

Commodities as an asset class- again

Origin buys Otway project. $1bn per tcf

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