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Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service

Commodity Intelligence LLP provides equity investment advice on developments in commodity markets to qualified institutional investors on a subscription basis.

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2nd October 2009

1st Oct

30th Sept

29th Sept

28th Sept

2nd October News and Views

Petrobakken completes plan of arrangement with Tristar

1st October News and Views

Chevron CEO retires

EPA hold sup Coal permits

Colossus raises $57m

Ex PDVSA Execs in Colombia

Ukrainian Bio Gas plant

Texas building a coal plant!

Stormclouds over Aussie coal industry

Global Gas '15% oversupplied'

Chinese Iron Ore miner comes public

Conoco Philips attacks Polish shale gas

Top ten Steel Companies by Production

Soquimitch cuts Lithium prices!

Kalahari comments lack a little RTZ

Progress Energy spuds 10 mmcf well in Montney

Greenpeace demo at Oilsands

Bakken hots up

Harmony grinds away at making money in Saf

100 mpg prize ..In America?

Bio Fuels to be 15% of demand by 2015

China acts on overcapacity. Investment banned in several sectors.

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30th September News and Views

OCTG continues to deteriorate

The Bakken is warming up

Coking Coal producer with plans - and rising production

Alumina prices firm

Haynesville Shale Gas Rig

This blog takes the biscuit

Geothermal: 10 gigwatts under development in US

Big hole..v small cap

The End of Oil? Wishful thinking, but popular..

Copper Inventory

Sugar attracts hedgies

Accident at vedanta kills 100?

Colossus raises money

Lending programmes support solar

Petra Mines finds 'egg' sized diamond at Cullinan property

Fraccing Chemicals under the spotlight

Rare Earths Fad continues

Waste Management plans 50 new Bio Gas plants

Home Fuel Cells for CHP

Geothermal musings at Oil sands

Asarco Judge tells Sterlite: "too late"

Mining Exploration down 40%

Still Toiling Away: Those Algal Oil People

China builds more crude storage

Brigham: another Bakken play

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29th September News and Views

Alumina market reported tight

Repsol, YPF and the Argentine gov't

Gold discussion

Buyers respond enthusiastically to low prices

Californian cities produce alot of power from BioGas

DiaBras finds 3000g/t ore..

Exxon speaks on the next trillion barrels

Chinese Sinochem buys Nufarm

Centerra lowers guidance

Posco diworsifies

Australia limits foreign buyers

Natural gas customers face penalties for storage

ARAMCO CEO seems happy

Romarce buys extension to Haile

Chinese pull out of Rare Earth financing

Partners at odds over gas storage

$190 per mwh drives huge Canadian wind farm

Churchill mining claims 3 different approaches

Petrobakken: Baron of the Bakken

Tuberculosis Biofuel

Copper Market Chart + stocks

Subsalt bidding process

Lakshmi Mittal speaks to WSJ

Oil Shale in England

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28th September News and Views

Petrominerales hits Oil!

Commodity Equity ETF

Russian Oil Companies told where to drill

Kolwezi cloed, and now Tenge under pressure

Battery IPO

Pepsi installs Bio-gas in India

Gas producers get political

Can India fulfill its G20 obligation on fossil fuel subsidies?

Steel: Hgh inventory, low prices dog China

Solar Chic

UK Wheat crop coming in larger than expected

Lithium Carbonate 'competitive' market

El Nino chatter 1

El Nino chatter 2

El Nino chatter 3

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