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Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service Mark Latham Commodity Equity Intelligence Service

Commodity Intelligence LLP provides equity investment advice on developments in commodity markets to qualified institutional investors on a subscription basis.

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13th November 2009

12th Nov

11th Nov

10th Nov

9th Nov

13th November News and Views

Bio gas in Laos


Cogen will boom in South Africa

K+S needs equity

Small cap bakken play

Big Uranium Hole at Hathor

Colossus funds coomigasp..good news

EU and US complain about export tariffs?

Merrill a bull on copper

Agrium vs CF Industry vs Terra

Past the hype: Algal research doing the hard work now

12th November News and Views

Small Cap Gold ETF

SeaGen hydro 'exceeding expectations'

COP's CEO Jim Mulva

Gold is in a 'proper' bull market

WSJ bulls gold

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11th November News and Views

IEA on Energy: Summary

Alarming comment on Ferrochrome demand

Oil Production: Non Opec Peak?

Algae from wastewater+ Co2 from biomass stack

Gazprom's gas problems now an open secret

IEA Gas Cost to Europe

BP Surprise entry into top US drillers

Talvivaara: problems now, promises later

Cargill warns of food self sufficiency

20 bcm (125m barrels) of 'Associated Petroleum Gas' (=LPG) flared in Russia

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10th November News and Views

Greystar..great drilling nos, and support

China's Bio gas projects get going

'Day of Reckoning' for refiners

Selling conventional for Oil sands

Big Gold Miners struggle to generate cash

XTO results

Kondratiev wave measure at extreme value

IMF says debt duration too short for inflation too work

World largest zinc-lead mine needs new permits

New TT racer

China moves from Oil to Gas: strategically strong positioned companies

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9th November News and Views

E bikes in China 1

E bikes in China 2

E bikes in China 3

E bikes in China 4

Bp and Biofuels

Gold stock vs Gold

SaF Electricity increase threatens marginal mines

Radioactive Marcellus Wastewater in New York State

Bankrupt Britain chases expensive windpower

ARAMCO filling full volumes on dec contracts

Gas replacing Coal in Peking too

Peak Oil theorists in IEA whinge to Guardian

Tullow has more in Ghana

Rare Earth Mines gets Congressional Earmark for Molycorp 1

Rare Earth Mines gets Congressional Earmark for Molycorp 2

Rare Earth Mines gets Congressional Earmark for Molycorp 3

Exide creates dedicated storage division

Yanacocha finally starts to decline

Exxon Sinopec LNG deal

Repsol mulls divi cut

US Soy slow and late

Oil storage at ten year high

EOG raises EUR on Barnett

New results confirm third high grade copper-gold discovery at Doolgunna

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